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THE HATE GURU [May 18, 2010 @ 4:37am]
[ mood | enthralled ]


running with scissors wasn't smart, i tripped and cut open your heart [October 19, 2006 @ 4:24pm]
uh, i sort of died and i don't mind. i hate these new livejournal set-ups. it's gross and unfamiliar and i dislike it. thank you, livejournal, for making me uncomfortable. pfffta.

school is okay, nothing spectacular, along with my life. i'm loving my pre-hispanic andes class, even if it a lot of hard work. history of art and visual culture, fascinating stuff but the midterms are going to be a bitch. i really should just stick to my fucking poetry classes.

poetry...its silly. rob wilson, my prof, is completely ridiculous. we sit together with our computers and talk smack about the people in class and bond over the randomest things. he's this 60-ish year old man with white hair and bad breath, but he is just so silly, i love it. completely in love with bob dylan, lyric poetry and hawaiians. this guy is a hoot.

i love my apartment, its super clean and that works for me, since i hate disgusting people. some things are 'eh' but for living with people, it works out really well. i love mike and lupe, my two housemates and we've really bonded since we all work for the college in some sort of fashion. mike for the programs office, lupe is the food service advisor for the dining halls, not to mention she moonlights in the front office and then me, the RA. good times, good times. we're like above the law in my apartment, its beautiful. not to mention my office hours are so easy considering i live two seconds away from the friggin office. i go to them half asleep, in my pajamas. i love it.

my dad is in a play, 'our town' and he's loving it. i am glad that he is having fun, doing what he really enjoys doing. our house is remodeled, my parents got a new bed, i got their old one and the office is all set up. we got wooden floors, the bathrooms are completely redone and we're getting shutters on the windows and new doors for the insides of the house. our house is getting fucking fancy, i can't handle it. it makes me want to move back home and commute, even if i never would, but it almost does. almost.

made some new friends on the RA staff and i'm still trying to decide if things are good with them or if they are just people to do things with casually. i've mostly bonded with keith, so he and mike are making my guy friend quota higher, which is so good for me, i've missed having guys as friends...it was a two year dry spell of just ladies and i love you ladies, but i needed something else too. guys relax me and we get along together on a basic, casual level. another two dudes, jesse and anthony are doing some great stuff with me, going to bars and whatnot, so i'm glad that we're doing that together.

basically, this year is going well, even if it's really hard to get motivated, being a senior and thinking about grad school and all the business side of things. i don't really know what i want to go to grad school for now and i'm freaking out, i might either stay another year or graduate and take a year off with firm plans to travel and explore. maybe i can go for a year abroad and then just graduate when i come back, because i'll be done with my major this year and everything. i'll have to think about that. sounds sort of like a good plan, too.

hope everything is going well with people, and i hope, dearest rachel, that this was enough of an update for you.


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